Policy Development

A substance misuse policy (drug and alcohol policy) should be robust enough to meet the legal demands placed on an organisation as well as addressing the health and safety issues. The policy should offer help and support to individuals seeking assistance in a framework of confidentiality. In addition it should clearly state under what conditions the inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol and their impact on the workplace will not be tolerated.

The policy along with supporting procedures should guide managers and employees as they resolve the many issues associated with substance misuse. 

With 20 years experience of reviewing policies, introducing new ones and managing drug testing programmes, we are able to provide an independent view point and recognise areas of concern where enhancements may be necessary.


Existing policies and/or supporting procedures can be reviewed for content, pitfalls or omissions that may reduce their robustness. At the end of the review we will provide you with a report that highlights areas of concern and suggest possible alterations.

Policy development

Working closely with your organisation and policy development team, we can guide you through the necessary structure of an effective policy and advice on the consultation process necessary. In addition we can also provide independent advice on testing options, collection needs and report interpretation.


Whether a whole day looking in-depth at the policy and procedures with case studies, or a 45 minute ‘tool-box’ style talk, we can deliver the key messages. In confidence, we would draw material from your own policies and procedures in addition to our own experience, to ensure a successful education programme.