Collection Services

We are experienced at organising and managing drug testing programmes for a range of clients including workplace, sports events and legal cases. These programmes may involve collection of urine, hair, sweat or oral fluid samples.

We have both UK and international capabilities with a network of collection officers and facilities.


Collections can be undertaken for pre-employment, unannounced or ‘random’ programmes, with cause and/or post incident, and monitoring. With access to both mobile collectors and fixed sites, collections can be arranged to fulfil clients’ needs.

US Department of Transportation (DOT)

Following successfull training in The States to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, we are able to offer collection services for urine and breath.

Breath alcohol training covered the testing process, maintenance requirements, operation and calibration of an Evidential grade breathalyser as denoted by the U.S. DOT and as listed on the Conforming Products List by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Certification as a Breath Alcohol Technician and Instructor is valid until 2013.

Urine collection training met the qualifications and proficiency standards as required by the US DOT along with standards set for an Instructor. The course covered split sample collection, shy bladder and observed collections. Certification as a Urine Collector and Instructor is valid until 2013.


Forward thinking sporting organisations that are not part of the IOC movement may subscribe to the principals of the WADA regulations as they combat drug doping in sport. Analysis of samples collected is specialised and undertaken by laboratories in the United States. Our experience of both European and US collection requirements plus international logistics allow the successful collection and transportation of samples to the chosen laboratory.